My name is Werner Hattingh. I am what I call a Social Entrepreneur. In essence I am a Networker.

On this website, I have put together some of the different opportunities I am involved with.     

 I know that not each and every one of them might not be suitable for you but you might just find one or two of them that you might like and or could be of value to you.    

 I am a big believer in Multiple Income streams and most of my focus are now geared at Crypto Currency Opportunities and or Investments.    (Bitcoin).

After leaving school I joined the South African Police Force. I was a member for 5 years before I left to start my own business.    In my first business I bought 2 Tippers and delivered sand and building materials. Soon I got the opportunity to go into the Restaurant and Pub industry. I did that for a couple of years… During the same time I also owned a Hairdressing Salon. Soon after I got introduced to Multilevel Marketing (Network Marketing).    

 Later I started a Paint Factory that was quite successful. I also ventured in a Mobile Airtime Business and a Coffee Distribution Business, where I won National Business Awards.    

 I am a Network Marketer for more than 20 years and have been part of many businesses and opportunities, I had great success in all of them. In most of them, if not all, I became a leader, which was not always the biggest and most successful business but never the less a leader in the organisation.          

Early 2014/2015 I was going through a bad spell; the opportunity I was involved in changed their Compensation Plan and most of my downline could not qualify, resulting in me not able to maintain rank and I lost my income overnight. I started looking around for other opportunities, but income does not just come over night. MLM (Network Marketing) is a good income generator but it takes time. One evening I was lying on my living room couch contemplating my situation, when I had an epiphany:      

“WHO AM I?”   

 I am a Network Marketer, I am not a So-and-So's Distributor or Member, I am a Network Marketer to the core. Let me give you an example: Let's say you are a person selling landline telephones door to door and tomorrow a new technology comes out called a mobile phone, your income will disappear in no time. Do you now go and sit on a heap and say "I am no good" or "I cannot sell" or "telecommunication does not work"?      


You adapt and you take on a new product because you are a SALESMAN not a So-and-So's Salesman. Same way with MLM! You are a NETWORK MARKETER, not just a So-and-So's Distributor or Member. The Company is just a TOOL and if the tool does not work for the job anymore, then you replace the TOOL.     

Another big thing I realized was that no MLM company owns me, they cannot dictate to me if I may and or may not belong to any other opportunities. If it was not for US, the members, they will not exist. It is not just your Constitutional Right but also your HUMAN RIGHT to earn a living.      I will never just belong to one MLM company again and if they do not like it, well then they do not form part of my vision.

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