I have some investments that have no network focus but some do  have affiliate benefits and pay-outs.  Some of them are setup-and-forget.  You come back to them after 6 to 12 months and are pleasantly surprised what has happened to them as most of them have a compounding or re-investment option.

I am not a Financial advisor or Broker.


I use a Broker that trades I am linked to his Master Account.

This is a message from him:

Forex Income Trade

"I, Quintin Moorcroft have a Trading Account with IFX Brokers, a South African Broker, FCSA Registered FSP 48021.
This is a Management Account in my own name & we use Metatrader 4 as a Trading Platform.
So you open a Live Account with a minimum of R750-00 and link it to my Account (MAM).
I execute Forex and Indices Trades on my Account then the trades automatically duplicates to your account on a daily basis from Monday to Friday.


 It is open and transparent, each client receives their own Login details for their Account and can have a look what is happening there anytime.
 IFX Brokers mail you your Daily Statement every morning.
 We work on the following basis 7.5% p/m goes to the client, thereafter we split all profits 50/50.
 A Client can withdraw their money at anytime they wish.
 There is NO small print that states that leveraged Trading is volatile. There is a very low risk.
 This is a viable, long term solution. I have been around for years & will be around for years
 My Money Management system is extraordinarily good. I never trade more than 1:20 of available Equity, and try to be closer to 1:50
 We have no minimum amount, the Account is already up & running with my own funds, so a client can deposit from R750-00.


 I do not & can not promise 50% per month, that is unrealistic & with any type of Investment one must be realistic.
 I average aroung 20-52% monthly on my own Account, so on the Managed Account I will obviously be less aggressive.
 So we look at 15-20% monthly
 It might not sound much compared to what the scams are offering, but the difference is that this is real & viable numbers that can be sustained over time."

I feel this is a way less stressfull and also less risky way of trading ... Let the people who know what they do, do what they do best. I am not a trader and I do not have the interrest to do it my self. Using Quintin I am getting a very good return every month.

Click the link below and join IFX then contact me sothat I can send you a PDF document on how to set up your account and to get it linked.

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